Monday, March 9, 2009

today's jobs

My two youngest grandchildren and myself spent the morning in the garden yesterday They were a great help, then we went for a milkshake Yum
Even with the drought we are currently experiencing my roses have been lovely I have quite a large garden I only water new plants and the pots
Not much stitching getting done but did manage a pot holder
I did some chenille that went wrong so used it for the pot holder Looks ok I guess
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Anonymous said...

Your garden looks very beautiful and I think the roses are super. I love roses. Very sweet pot holder. I have yet to try a large one like that, I tend to keep with the small square ones. xxx

Anonymous said...

do I see frogs in your garden.
Many a tale of a quilt finishing as a pot holder. lol
But yours does look grande.

quiltmom said...

Welcome to blogging- I am sure you will meet many wonderful quilters from all over the world. I know that I have enjoyed the many new quilt friends I have made.

It is a lovely potholder and will get well used and look pretty at the same time.
I tried to post on your beginning quilt post and it was locked so I thought it would be ok to comment here instead.

I really like your first quilt. It is always interesting to me how people become quilters- perhaps I will write a post about that one day soon.
You did a wonderful job of your first quilt - it is such an enticing hobby.
It was nice that you have a friend who could help you begin and show you what was possible. I also think it was terrific that you were able to make use of what was available - that was certainly how people traditionally quilted.
I hope that you will come and visit my blog- if you are not sure of the address you can find me here:
I look forward to visiting you again.
Be well- it sounds like you have a wonderful time with your grandkids- it is a special gift that you give one another- something that they can treasure forever.