Monday, March 2, 2009

Life moves in mysterious ways

Lovely of Sheila to invite you to my blog I really am very new to this and the words of encouragment have been wonderful
Sheila mentioned she had been helping me with this computer stuff She is a great teacher
In July last year I had never even heard of a blog My daughter and I were discussing what she would wear when her hair fell out. That very night I was reading a very old quilting magazine and in it was a letter from Sheila saying how she and others were making turbans for chemo patients
I wrote to her on the off chance she was still at the same address She was, and she emailed me straight away
This wonderful lady knew that material shops were few in the area where I live so she went out and bought the material for me to make it
Since then she has been a great support to me
Thankyou Sheila
I have been warned that blogging is as addictive as quilting


barn owl said...

Beware Birdwoman & FaerieQueen got me into blogging
It now takes over some of my Cross Stitch time.
Birdwoman is my sister. she is a wonderful person.

Anonymous said...

Blogging is more than addictive, as you will very soon find out..... See you got there with the comments, it was easy wasnt it..... xxx

Jane said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging, taking photos of gardens, quilts and all else that takes our fancy.

Jules said...

Strange, I thought I had left a comment on here, but maybe not as clever as I thought! Anyway, just to say how beautiful the sewing is and also the garden! I love it!

sheila has been helping me to use bogs and faerie queen sorted me out with addy's etc, so I am having a ball! Keep up the good work retdairyqueen - lovely!
Sheila's coz Jules.