Saturday, March 14, 2009


Cool and windy A great day for staying indoors and crafting

I have been fusing pictures ready for appliquePosted by Picasa
Hubby has just gone out to check his cows They are calving
Fancy coming into the world on a day like this


Ali Honey said...

Hi there, Sheila sent me over to visit.
She has now become a friend of mine through blogging - that's how it seems to work.
I'll save your site and come back and visit again.

Best wishes with your blog from NZ. ( you'll get hooked like the rest of us....don't worry about that it's a lovely way to meet lovely quilty ladies all around the world ).

Anonymous said...

Oh that is such a beautiful photo. Makes me feel all summery inside. xxx

sMC said...

terrific photo
poor baby cows, I would want to wrap them in quilts and bring them inside. Now you know why I am a suburb person and not a country person.