Friday, March 13, 2009

chenille bag

A busy day I cleaned windows( couldn't see out of them) and did the vacuuming, then hubby decided to chop up the wood from the tree we chopped down last weekend so I had to stack it in the shed
I finished the chenille bag Got it right this time Looks ok I guess
A lady from another Indoor Bowls club had a bag like this and I asked how she had made it She promised me the pattern, then every time I saw her after that she kept saying she couldn't find it I wasn't worried!
Anyway about two years later she rang me ,very excited She had found the pattern and bought it for me.
Some months later it arrived in the mail Part of the excitment was because the pattern was named Lorraine's bag (my daughter is Lorraine) The lady then got it in her head that I was making the bag for Lorraine Posted by Picasa
I started to make it ,then mucked up so put it aside for about another two years Every time this lady see's me she asks if I've made it yet
So finally it's done
Lorraine doesn't lile it at all


sMC said...

thats a very nice bag, dont let faeriequeen see it lol
and what a funny story about it. Hope you use it.
As for cleaning windows... least said the beter there. lol

Anonymous said...

too late I have just seen the bag..... oh I love bags. a girl can never have too many bags. Cleaning windows, you cant see out of mine even when I've cleaned them.