Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Some Little Finishes

my waratah is beautiful this year  

Cheryll made me the red hanger for my birthday. I really liked it, so with Cherylls permission I copied it. 

 A Kris kringle gift

 A snowflake for the present box
And some coat hangers, also for Christmas gifts
I am still learning how to use this tablet, hence my posts are short


kiwikid said...

Hee hee Illene, I have been using my tablet for a few years now and I am still learning too!! Beautiful projects at yours, love the one that came my way, thanks again. 😙

Michelle Ridgway said...

Just lovely Illene. I do love your Waratah xx

Fiona said...

wow the waratah is just stunning... how lovely. you have made a lot of lovely goodies this month....

Maria said...

What a beautiful Waratah..
Lovely finishes Illene.
I'm pleased the laptop is working again as I'm not good on the iPad.

Lin said...

Lovely finishes there - I especially like the snowflake and the hangers. xx

Cheryll said...

That's a fantastic effort for this month Illene. Well done.

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creations.1 said...

You were a busy bee!! Love the Waratah - wondering how one would go out here in the heat - might have to look into it!