Sunday, August 5, 2018

Shirt for cushion back

Lynda loved her penguin cushion
Iam going down later and will get a photo of the back Did try to do it with the other post but couldn't get a decent photo with the Tablet.  As I said "still learning"
Also I have to work out how to reply to your messages since that was changed too
Too old for all this learning
Any way basically you cut the front off a shirt.... I was lucky to find two really good quality black cotton shirts at the Op Shop.... leaving it buttoned up you use it as the opening for your cushion cover
Very neat and easy as I cannot do a zip to save myself
Not very good at explaining but will put a photo up later today hopefully
It was the first time I have tried this and will be doing it again
You can also leave the pocket on if you wanted and use it to store the remote
Hope this helps


Anonymous said...

Hi Illene what a great idea xx

kiwikid said...

Thanks for the explanation Illene.

Fiona said...

Illene the comments issue is really easy... here is a link to Shez's blog where she explains it....


Pauline said...

Great idea! Thanks for the explanation.

Helen said...

Wow great idea thanks for sharing.

Anthea said...

Illene your explanation does make sense... it's such a good idea & can create some lovely looking results.
Yes those changes to Blogger have been annoying ... I hope you can get them sorted out soon & that it's not too frustrating for you.

Marilyn said...

Hi Illene, that is a great idea.Very easy to follow.

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