Saturday, April 21, 2018

Not Ideal

This is not the ideal way to do applique
Last night I joined Wendy and friends world wide for a night of stitching
I decided my Australiana quilt needed state names , so I worked on them Not so easy when the quilt is sewn together, but I managed

Also did a little work on the new border
What do you think?

Today I got to look after this little bloke for the day
He is such a good little boy
Cannot believe he will be 3 months old on Moday


kiwikid said...

I like the new border, looks great. Not always an easy time to do more applique, you have the whole weight of the quilt to manage don't you! How cute is your little man.....just proves time is rushing by us all!! Three months already.

Anonymous said...

Hi Illene I love your work your border looks fantastic.What a dear little man he is adorable,lucky you xx

Frédérique said...

Beautiful quilt, and cute baby ;)

Maria said...

Really like the way your borders working...
How lovely to look after the sweet little fella.

Michelle Ridgway said...

I do things like that Illene lol! Love your new borders. Well done. Very cute little visitor xxx

Kaisievic said...

Lovely work on your quilt and your grandson (I presume) is adorable.

co coya said...

Lucky you with the lovely win Illene. I agree with you, blogging buddies are the best :-) Mary's Teacup Teddies are gorgeous!

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Cheryll said...

What a little cutie...xox

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