Saturday, April 21, 2018

Not Ideal

This is not the ideal way to do applique
Last night I joined Wendy and friends world wide for a night of stitching
I decided my Australiana quilt needed state names , so I worked on them Not so easy when the quilt is sewn together, but I managed

Also did a little work on the new border
What do you think?

Today I got to look after this little bloke for the day
He is such a good little boy
Cannot believe he will be 3 months old on Moday

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Cake and Candles

I was the lucky winner of Antheas birthday Cake and candles giveaway
Not the best photo but I did love my little sewing kit with some lovely extras in the pockets
Thankyou so much Anthea
I have been along time reader of Antheas Blog
Bloggy friendships really are the best
My friend Mary (no blog) has just finished Michelles Tea cup teddies 
This is a better photo of my goodies

Saturday, April 7, 2018

And Now It's April FNWF

Where on earth does the time go?
For FNSI I asked for advice on my Australiana quilt
I have decided to go with an appliqued border of native birds and flowers
Last night I got some applique ready and did a little blanket stitch on one
Thanks everyone for your thoughts

Then I made another snowflake for a friend who gifted me a the green fabric It is sparkly which does not show up in the photo
Today we are going to get some wood
Keeping warm is hard work
I will be back over the weekend to see what every one else got up to