Thursday, February 2, 2017

What I sent in the Australia Day Swap

These are the gifts I sent to Kerrie Channelbank Creations Blog in the Australia Day Swap
A lollie bag full of lollies

 A rug for her mug The kookaburra was a Michelle Ridgway design
Cute Hey?

Incense and holder

Aussie tea towel and tea bags

Ugly fabric

And here are the gifts ready to send
Another fun swap


kiwikid said...

Beautiful gifts Illene, like how you think!!

creations.1 said...

It was a lovely bundle of gifts I had the pleasure of opening - thank you so much Illene!

Susan said...

It's fun to be a bit creative with these things- love the idea of the ugly fabric!!

Michelle Ridgway said...

Seems like a fun swap. Glad the Little Kooka came in handy xx

Christine said...

Lovely gifts xx

Helen said...

Beautiful much fun especially the ugly it :)