Sunday, March 6, 2016

Foster Show

Last weekend the annual Foster Show was held
Danielle (my GD) rode in the Grand Parade
A group of local artists got together and made horse rugs to honour Horses in War
Danielle and some of her friends were asked to dress in military uniform and lead the grand parade
She looked so cute in the uniform, but found it very itchy and she now sympathises with our brave soldiers
Danielle and Shimmy

A couple of the rugs

Proud Nana.
We enjoyed watching her ride around the oval and I think the show was a success


Maria said...

Sew nice to watch your GD riding at the show... Oh yes the uniforms were very itchy wool...

Michelle Ridgway said...

Such a treat for you to see your beautiful Granddaughter riding...Shimmy is beautiful too! No wonder you are a proud Nana.Those uniforms must have been uncomfortable.

Cheryll said...

A lovely proud moment. Thanks for sharing...xox

kiwikid said...

Great to see,thank you for sharing with us. Shimmy is a beautiful horse.