Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I think I have done something special

I think I have done some thing special although I didn't know it at the time
Some months ago, my friend Diane asked me to do the quilting on a quilt she had made She had macular degeneration and could not see well enough to finish it
While she was away on holidays I finished it
While away she was ill and on her return home was in and out of hospital in Melbourne, so I didn't see her
I kept the quilt hoping she would come home and I could give it to her
She had a series of mini strokes then a big one that left her with no speech and not being able to move one side
Everyone told me she looked terrible
Friday before last I had an overwhelming desire to get the quilt to her She had been moved back to the local hospital so I dropped in
The nurse said I could stay five minutes I showed Diane  the quilt and she smiled and I left it there
Friday just gone Diane passed away So sad
Last night I had a phone call from her daughter who I have only met once. She had just found out where the quilt came from She had never seen it before and it was so different from anything her Mum had made before She asked if her Mum had said who the quilt was to be for She had not told me when I asked
Aparently Diane had made quilts for her parents and when they passed away the quilts were buried with them. Her daughter is convinced Diane made this quilt for her self, though at the time no one knew she was so ill, but she thinks Diane knew
Her daughter was very grateful I finished it
Iam so pleased I got it to her before her passing
A lovely lady at rest

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Let's see if we can get this right??

I think I have worked it out
I really enjoyed doing this stitchery Tried a few new stitches and very happy with the result
Had no idea what I was going to do with it when I had finished but decided to turn it into a folder cover for my accounts
Maybe it will make doing my BAS a little bit more pleasant
The pattern was a gift from  my friend Vickie
Have had a lovely day in the garden today


Help me Please

I have been trying to upload photos but Blogger is not playing the game
I usually post photos from my Picasa album High light the photo Go to Create Publish to Blogger Now it is telling me Error HTTP 404 Not found
Any help would be much appreciated
Why Oh why does it work one minute then not the next? So frustrating