Saturday, October 6, 2012


Posted by PicasaI have been a bad Blogger lately  Blame Blogger who is not playing the game
Every time I try to sign in to read someones Blog it is taking ages, sometimes up to five minutes. Thus I have not been getting around to visit as much as I would like
Have been getting a little bit of sewing done Not to many finishes though
This table runner is for my daughter for Christmas
She is a mad keen Collingwood football Fanatic
I think she will like this. Her son isn't to happy about it though Says there is to much Magpie stuff around the house as it is
I have been getting a lot of Anonamus comments lately
Just letting you know Mr anon that I do not read or open these comments They get deleted straight away so Don't waste your time.
Hopefully I will get to visit you all soon


Terry said...

Nice table runner! I hope blogger behaves for you. It's known to be a bit ornery! LOL

Cheryll said...

You can NeVeR have too much supporter "stuff" around. Great job. :)

shez said...

lovely Illene though it should be red and black,lol,blogger plays up every now ans then.xx

Michelle Ridgway said...

Lovely table real magpies but follow the NRL. I am sure your daughter will love it. I have been having trouble with blogger too with not saving or publishing my posts..aaarrhh!

Raewyn said...

Great idea for the table runner - very effective. I'm sure your daughter will love it. I'm with you with the anonymous comments - straight to the delete drawer, funny though they never show up on a post!

Bev C said...

Hello Illene,

Lovely runner in black and white, a great present.

Happy days.