Thursday, April 12, 2012

I need help again

As I have told you many times My computer skills are minimul
I have always put photos on my Blog using picassa It told me to Blog this and thats what I did
The other day I was told an update of picassa was available Dopey me said Yes and now no Blog this
So my problem Now I don't know how to add photos
I need precise easy to follow instructions
Please some one HELP


Cubby House Crafts said...

I can help as I had the same problem! Wish they wouldn't change things...but the option to blog from Picasa is still there they have just hidden it! Lol!
In Picasa on the very top left corner you have a few options to click onto...'Create'which is one of them, Now click onto this and the last option is 'Publish to blogger'
(So choose pics as you usually would, click 'create' then click 'Publish to blogger')

I hope this all makes sense!

Helen said...

Hi Illene,

I updated my Picasa 3 but I can still see BLOG THIS in the bottom right corner. This is the Picasa 3 that I have loaded on my computer, not the Picasa Web Album. Which one are you using?

Barb said...

Good that Cubby House Crafts has helped you..hope it works!!

cottonreel said...

I also floundered .
I sorted mine thus
It comes up files
I click on library
then pictures
Up comes a list .some are labelled some are numbered . click open till I find what I'm looking for .
I shall try cubby house crafts method

Anonymous said...

read the book