Saturday, January 21, 2012

I Did'nt show you some Christmas gifts I made

Posted by PicasaJust wanted to show you a couple of Christmas gifts I made
My sister loved the placemats
The gift box I enjoyed making
My friends thought I was so clever
Iam feeling a bit sorry for myself today
I spent time in the garden this week and yesterday got bitten by something
My eyes have swelled up and I have come out in a little rash and now my thumb has swollen as well
And to top that off I kicked my toe and it is purple and sore
Sympathy please!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bathroom Finally Finished

Posted by PicasaMy bathroom is finally done
Yesterday he hung the shelf in the shower and now I can say Done Finished
Love it So bright and cheery
Not the best photos The sun was shining through the window and making it glarey
I think you can get the picture though
And best of all now I can get back to some sewing

Friday, January 6, 2012

Main Advent Gift

Posted by PicasaI have been very remiss (lazy) in posting my main Advent gift from the lovely Wendy
I received four of these lovely place mats
Also chocolate but that has long since gone
She chose perfect colours for me
This was a wonderful swap and I would like to say a big Thank you to Wendy for being my swap partner and a special thanks to my dear friend Fee for paling me up with Wendy
I sincerely hope Wendy and I will continue our friendship
On the sewing front. not much is happening
I have been busy with the bathroom I have been Estapoling Layer after Layer
It will be worth it
This past week My Son in Law and I have had the unenviable task of sorting Lorraine's things
Her first anniversary was Dec 29th
The family rallied around us and we went out to lunch for a celebration of her life
I have decided that when Iam ready I will make a Memory Quilt from some of her Clothing
It will keep her close