Saturday, May 21, 2011

Op shop Find

I found this little beauty in the Op Shop Well I couldnt just leave it there couldI
The embroidery is just lovely
Today was the warmest we have had all week so I spent it in the garden
Tonight I have a very sore hand
Must have got something in it It is very sore and swollen
Maybe I will just have to spend tomorrow sewing to rest it
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Suedio said...

No, you most definitely couldn't have left that there!!! What a lovely find Illene. The embroidery looks very fine and delicate.

Hope you enjoy your day sewing/resting your hand.

Regards, Sue.

Bird on the Border said...

Any excuse to sew sounds good to me . Hope your hand is ok but i just love the old doiley . It takes me back to remember an old great aunt who taught me to do "fancywork" we called it then. I am so blessed I had one or two Aunts who loved to sew because My mum never could.I still love to stitch.