Thursday, May 26, 2011

giveaway win

Oh I cant believe this !!!!

Since getting this new computer I couldnt Publish posts

With much help from my Cyber Angel ,we worked that out then it woulnt let me put photos to my Blog

Decided to give it another go this morning and low and behold it worked

Well I havent tried to publish yet, so my fingers are crossed

Any way I wanted to show the gorgeous goodies I received from Vikki at Sew Usefull Designs

She had a surprise french giveaway a few weeks ago and I was lucky enough to win

Delectable croissant pin cushion Looks good enough to eat with beautiful french pin heads

I have an idea for the charm squares but have to finish what Iam working on A quilt for my adopted great granddaughter

Hopefully will show photos of that soon

Fingers crossed

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Cyndi said...

Hi Illene! You know, this post did not show up on my dashboard....I just happened to come over to your blog because I wanted to get your e-mail address other computer crashed and took my e-mail address book with it! What a great win you got from Vikki...isn't she a sweetheart?! That pincushion is really, really cute!



Cyndi said...

Oh, and by the way, Illene....for some reason this comment is showing up on your blog either. I hope you get this, because I need you to e-mail me your address....I have your bag finished! Yay!!! (I know you already sent it to me, but it, too, got lost when my computer crashed!)



sassenachau said...

well done..... never give up lol.