Thursday, March 24, 2011


I have been getting up very early these past few weeks to drive grandson to catch a ride to Trade School
Yesterday morning ,after a night of very heavy, very constant rain , we could not get out of our drive way due to the water across the road
By 8.30 it had receded enough for us to get out, but only in hubbys four wheel drive
Very unusual for our part of the world
Our house is on the top of a hill so we were fine .but some of the neighbours werent so lucky
They are all saying how bad it must have been for the people of Qld and Northern Victoria who were much worse off than them , even though some have them have extensive damage
Grandson was two hours late for Trade School and of course missed his ride so I drove him all the way and waited for him to finish at 4.00pm
No real hardship as I got to visit my new "great grandchild "
in hospital
She is not really my grandchild but her Mum has decided thats what Iam to be
Lorraines husband Jim's son and daughter in law had a beautiful baby girl on Tuesday morning Lorraine was looking forward to being a step grandmum
The babies name is Kittie Elizabeth Jaine
Jane is her Mums name but they chose to spell it this way for My Aine
I was delighted that they chose to do this

Isnt she cute?
Iam making the applique quilt for her bed once she gets into one of course
I have plenty of time to get it finished
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Helen said...

She is absolutely adorable Illene.....and I LOVE her name!

How lovely to have a new little person to make quilts for!


Suedio said...

Forget the technicalities - if you're a great grandmum of the heart then you're the "real deal". That's quite a head of hair she's got there - she's gorgeous. You forget how tiny and fragile they are when they're brand new, don't you?

Take care, Sue

Maria said...

You were meant to drive your grandson all the way so you could have lots of cuddles with the new little doll.
What a lovely name.

Terry said...

Congratuations on the new great grandbaby! Glad the flooding didn't last too long! :0)

Jeni said...

congratuations a new grand babe

Anonymous said...

Hello Illene, lovely to see Kittie Elizabeth Jaine...beautiful babygirl.....not so good with the floods...Hugs lyn

Vickie said...

truly shocking the blows mother nature is dealing out around the globe...what a precious little bundle,cheers Vickie

Shiree said...

oh I think that makes you an honarary grandma! what a precious bundle indeed!

Margaret said...

Congratulations , Love the name Kittie reminds me of The Sullivans. I bet her quilt will be lovely.

Jules said...

Oh MANY MANY Congratulations Illene on your happy little bundle of love. And yes - a beautiful name, super, thoughtful and pretty. Lots of quilting ahead then!

The floods must have brought home the true devastion of various parts of the world, it is the unusual which makes us sit up and take note isn't it? Count our own blessings in a way. So pleased that your unusual floods abated quickly. And brought a silver lining by giving you more time with your new family member - Kittie Elizabeth Jaine. Lorraine would be chuff. xxxxx

teresa said...

Oh she's gorgeous Illene and I love her name! Beautiful photo of the two of you together. Congratulations all round.

Dianne said...

Congratulations on becoming a great grandma. She sure is beautiful.

Sandra Henderson said...

Lucky you! Great grandma , to such a sweeeeet treasure. Im happy for you. Enjoy!
So sorry for the flooding....enough already! Hope you are still safe from it.

Susan In Texas said...

Your grandbaby is adorable! Sorry about the flooding, natural disasters seem to abound these days. I'm visiting all the blogs of people who entered my giveaway a few weeks ago. There were so many it's taking me some time to get to all of them. Your blog is lovely!

Take care,
Susan in Texas

Ariane said...

What a gorgeous baby!!! I hope the rains let up for all of you. Take care. Hugs Ariane

Simone de Klerk said...

What a beautiful baby girl! And such a lovely name. How special, that they spelled Jaine the way they did!
Have a lovely weekend.
Hope you computer works fine again soon!

Lindi said...

Congratulations Great Grandmum! How lovely they have included Lorraine in the naming. Such a pretty name too. SHe's so cute. Love all that hair!