Thursday, January 20, 2011


A few siggies are still coming
I nearly have enough to start putting them together Dont really know what I will do with them as yet
I finally got around to working on something A start to my healing I hope
One of the girls in my quilting group found this quilt top in an Op Shop and gave it to me to finish We will donate it to a charity
Danielle helped me sandwich it yesterday and tonight I started quilting it
Will keep it simple Just quilt in the ditch It isnt very big so shouldnt take me very long
It is all hand stitched
I have to wonder why it has ended up in an Op Shop All the points match beautifully and obviously has been made with care

My thanks again to all you lovely Bloggers Iam slack in answering you all individually but I do apreciate every comment
Love you all
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Maria said...

So nice to see you back blogging and doing some stitching Illene.
WOW that is a nice quilt top and someone will love it. So nice of you to finish it for a charity quilt.
Like you I do not know what I will do with all my siggy's. Have stopped swapping now.Must put them together this year,

Barb said...

I love what is on your machine...and your siggies.

Just Ramblin' said...

So good to see you back blogging! Love your little siggies. Seeing them reminded me that somewhere in my sewing room I have several of these made. Now I need to go find them and see if I remember what I was going to do with them. Nola

Vickie said...

Hi Illene,sewing is good for healing ..the fingers are kept busy the mind is kept active and lovely memories can wander through what a nice top to be found at the Op shoppe..probably someone changed thier mind and didn't like the colour anymore..great job what you and your friend are doing with it,cheers Vickie

Jules said...

A lovely posting Illene. And what a great way to continue your own journey in life. Finishing and donating to charity - fantastic - well done.

Aubirdwoman has been encouraging one of my grandies to quilt - keen 13yr old. By chance conversation a new neighbour who is quite poorly and thought she would never quilt again, heard about this and invited child round. This has now re-ignited the wheelchairbound retired teacher's interest and she is now making another quilt... Birdies influence across the world - quilters unite! Lovely!x

Loralynn said...

Glad to see you stitching, Illene. One thing I love about my crafts, is that is helps to bring peace to my mind. Hugs to you.

Micki said...

I love your quilt, and so nice to vie it to charity!

Simone de Klerk said...

So good to see that you are working on such a lovely project!
I like quilting in the ditch very much, so that the fabrics and design of the quilt can be seen. Fits the quilt perfectly.
Heel veel liefs xo

Anonymous said...

Hello Illene, a lovely find...glad to see you stitching...hugs Lyn

Bobbie Lynn said...

Beautiful quilt and love the colors. I have difficulty quilting my quilts also. I love to cut and piece the blocks together but quilting, I keep it simple too.
Happy sewing. : )