Thursday, August 19, 2010


It has been a while since my last post
Life has been dealing me some blows of late and I have had a hard time dealimg with it
Decided it was time to pull myself out of the doldrums
I have been reading all of your Blogs but not commenting and havent answered any messages with regard to my draught horse quilt
I thankyou all for the lovely comments
On the 29th of this month I will be celebrating my 60th birthday so have to decided to have a little giveaway
I will be giving away this beaded angel plus a few other goodies Havent decided what as yet
To enter just leave a comment on this post and I will draw the winner on my birthday
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Sherry said...

What a beutiful angel love angels there somethig that draws me to them.

Sally Westcott said...

She is beautiful!

Happy Birthday!

A new milestone, notch on the belt and a bit more experience!

hugz and love


Terry said...

Sorry life has been tough lately. Hang in there!

What a lovely angel! Thanks for the giveaway, and happy birthday early! :0)

Noela said...

Have been thinking about you especially when you hadn't blogged for a while. Hope things are improving with your family. Have a happy 60th Birthday. Best wishes........

Bev C said...

Hello Illene,

You hang in there. Happy Birthday for the 29th hope your day is full of love and happiness. Happy days.

Jules said...

That is a beautiful idea Illeene. I am sure many have been thinking about you a lot.
So sorry that your road is hard and tough ((((((((( you)))))))))).
Using your birthday to celebrate the good things in your life is a lovely positive.

Cyndi said...

I was just thinking of you yesterday, Illene, and noticing that you had been "absent". I am so sorry that you are having a rough time right now...I will definitely be lifting you up in prayer!

That little angel is precious - I love the lilac color. And just in case that I forget (as I am apt to do) to come back and wish you a happy birthday on your day, here is an early wish - Happiest of Birthdays and may all your troubles disappear and never return!

Take good care!



Doris Sturm said...

I hope you will have a memorable birthday and most of all, a happy, healthy day! (I am right behind you!)


teresa said...

Hi Illene, have been thinking of you lately and sorry to hear things aren't good. I hope you have a wonderful birthday on the 29th and I hope you get to celebrate it in style. Lots of hugs being sent your way as always xx

Just Ramblin' said...

Sorry things have not been going well. Hopefully life
will improve and you will be able to celebrate on the 29th. I love birthdays and the celebration of life and to know that I made it through another year and have a new one to look forward to. Your angel is darling and I would love to win her. Nola

Jill said...

Hi Illene, was wondering if everything was okay as you had been absent. This angel is gorgeous. Purple was my mum's favourite colour so I have nicknamed her 'Elaine the Angel'. Happy Birthday for the 29th! Jill xx

Barb said...

I am sorry that you are having a hard time.....I hope the silver linning shows up soon.

What a lovely giveaway and Happy Early Birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Illene, Happy, Happy Birthday for the 29th....chin up my friend and sorry to hear things are tough for you.....take care...bear hugs lyn

Chrissie said...

Hi Sorry to hear life has been giving you a hard time, just happens doesn't it? Your angel is gorgous, beautiful colours. I love angels and beading and the two go together so well. I really love your quilt, it reminds me of my grandad who used to work with horses back in the 1920's.
happy birthday for the 29th.

Sue-Anne said...

HI Illene, Happy Birthday for the 29th! Hope you have a wonderful day.

Heidi said...

It's beautiful!

You share a birthday with my oldest son - August 29th. He's counting the days!

Happy 60th - you look fabulous!

Chookyblue...... said...

pick your self up and dust yourself off and get back to sewing and blogging.........but it is ok to have a down time..........have fun with your birthday giveaway........

Micki said...

Sorry you have gone through some bad times. I am about to have surgery, so I know the feeling. Your angel is lovely, and I would love to havce her watch over me.

Beeshebags said...

Hope you have a wonderful birthday and that things get easier for you. Life's tough at times, all we can do, is cope as best we can and hope our surfboard doesn't crash into us when we have a 'wipeout' moment. Big hugs to you hun. Naomi

Lois said...

Sorry life has not been good to you. Would love to enter your giveaway, we actually share the same birthday but shhhh don't tell anyone I am a year ahead of you. Have a very happy fun filled birthday.

Kerry said...

what a gorgeous angel. Hope you are feeling brighter and can look forward to your birthday with some happiness in your heart. Best Wishes! Kerry

Khris said...

Wishing you an early birthday with lots of hugs and kisses Illene. We both know how hard life is at times but we have to be strong and keep on keeping is way too short not to make the best of what we have here...big hugs to you my friend.

Loralynn said...

I'm sending you hugs for your birthday and just because! I know how you feel about the not wanting to post lately, I haven't done much of that myself. I seem to have run out of steam. Know that I think of you often and send prayers/positive energy your way!

Lindi said...

Happy Birthday for Sunday! Hope you celebrate in style. :)
Your Angel is beautiful.
I have also been very quiet on the blog front, lately. Need more hours in the day!

Susanne said...

Hallo Illene,
send you greetings form Germany to your birthday. The Angel is so beautiful. Have a great day.