Saturday, May 29, 2010

Do You want to be in my Pay It Forward

So far I have only one participant in my Pay it Forward If you would like to join and commit to making gifts for three people in the next 12 months Please leave a comment to say so
Thanks Lorralyn You are no 1
My Mum came home from hospital this past week and is doing well
Hubby had more gall stones removed this week
Oh to be one of the lucky ones who keep making stones after gallbladder removal Ha Ha
Iam mking some placemats for my sister for her birthday Photos soon
Please say if you would like to be Nos 2 and 3 in my Pay it Forward

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pay It Forward

Iam participating in a Pay It Forward, over at Terrys Blog, so the first three people to leave a comment on this post will receive a handmade gift from me within the next 12 months
They in turn must make gifts for the first three people who chose to participate on their blog
So if you would like to join in some handmade fun leave me a comment telling me so

Friday, May 21, 2010

My Early Crafts

It has been an interesting week
Was cleaning out some cupboards and found this needlework I did when I was a child in Primary school so they must be at least 48 years old but possibly older
I notice one has some mildewy marks on it Any advice on how to remove it?
The box I remember doing at school The needlwork I did under my Mum's guidance
More lovely siggies came and my first from Denmark
I have reached one hundred now
I have been blanket stitch appliqueing my draught horse quilt
Some photos soon
Lorraine and I went to see Mum in Hospital the other day and we decided to visit MacDonalds to get a cappacino
Standing in front of the plate glass window waiting when all of a sudden we see a car driving flat out toward us then an almighty bang
Luckily for us she hit the pillar between the windows
Turns out the stupid woman was four times the legal alcohol limit and this was at 2.00 in the afternoon
That was my excitment for the week
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Friday, May 14, 2010



It seems all I do lately is spend time with sickies
My friend Viv from my quilting group was recently diagnosed with Motor Nuerone disease
So sad She has gone down hill so fast
The girls in the club got together and made a comfort quilt for her She was so pleased with it
More lovely siggys came this week as well
My Mum is doing well The hospital is trying to get her home
She is still weak and walking on a frame but pleased to report she is a little better each day
Not much sewing happening
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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I have made a start on the draft horse quilt
My artist friend Bianca painted the horses, cabin and windmill for me
I tried unsuccessfully to find draft horse material or a pattern for one, so painting was the next option
The rest of the scene will be in applique
I enjoy applique, so it is no chore

Some more lovely siggies have arrived in the last few weeks

My Mum has been transfered back to the hospital in her home town for Rehabilitation
This will make it much easier for us to visit
She is making slow progress Walking on a frame
She cannot as yet get out of bed without assistance but can manage to get out of the chair
Luckily she is a strong healthy lady
Lorraine and Hubby are both having good and bad days
We have had a lot of rain today and it has turned cold
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