Thursday, April 22, 2010


Yesterday I got the call that every daughter dreads
My 82 year old mother who lives alone and is very fit had a fall and broke her hip
An operation isnt happening until tomorrow afternoon
I cant believe it
No beds were available in Hospitals that perform this surgery
She is in terrible pain but remaining very calm
Maybe because they her giving her lots of morphine
They transferred her today for surgery tomorrow
The last two days have been spent by her bedside
Couldnt sew because not enough chairs for all the family to sit on
Our Hospital system is indeed in a bad state
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Dawn said...

Thinking and praying for you and your mum....Hugs Dawn x x x

Sue-Anne said...

Oh your poor mum! I hope she gets seen to soon. I know what you mean about the health system, we are very unfortunate to live on the NSW border and our health service has been amalgamated with NSW! Two bads systems for the price of one!

I will be thinking of you and your mum.

Terry said...

So sorry to hear about your mum. Hopefully surgery will go well and she'll make a complete recovery! :0)

Notjustnat said...

Hope everything will go well with the operation. Poor mum! Will be thinking of you and mum - Hugs Nat

Sally Westcott said...

I'm thinking of you big time! I've just been throught the hospital system with my beautiful Mum and I know how tough it can be. The staff are great but the system is broken!

All my love and all my thoughts ands prayers!



Lindi said...

Love and prayers for your Mum and you. Hope all goes well with the surgery. Hospitals are indeed in need of major overhauls and additional, well used, funding!

Loralynn said...

So sorry to hear about your Mum. I will keep her in my prayers that they can get to her timely and will have a quick recovery. It's alway hard to see a loved one suffering.

Cyndi said...

I am so sorry to hear about your mom. She is a very brave woman...I don't know if I could stand the pain! I will definitely keep her and your family in my prayers and ask God to give her a full and speedy recovery!



sharon said...

Hope your Mother gets looked after soon. Sharonj.

Maria said...

Oh Illene your poor Mum, hope she has her op tomorrow and all goes well for her. thinking of you both
Big Hugz

Ariane said...

Your poor Mom! I hope that the surgery really helps her. I'll be saying a little prayer about it. Take care!! Hugs Ariane

Doris Sturm said...

Sounds exactly like where I live - I do not look forward of growing old alone here - hospital neglect is running rampant!

Good luck to your mom and watch over her while she's in there.

teresa said...

So sorry to hear about your mum Illene and it's disgusting she had to wait so long for her operation. I hope all goes well and the operation is a huge success and everyone can stop worrying and being so stressed out. Take care xx

Anita said...

Hi Illene, Terrible news about your Mum, hope she gets all the attention she needs. Our hospital system is in need of a good shake down. Hope all goes well with the operation. Kind regards, Anita.

Kim said...

Oh poor thing......lucky she has you to sit with'll have many months of rehab and time to sew while keeping her company.

I pray her surgery and recovery go well.....she is a beautiful woman from this wedding picture.....and sounds like a very important part of your family.

All the best and happy sewing
when you can

Anonymous said...

My mother broke her hip as well and had to wait 4 days for her op, it worked out fine, the few days rest before surgery did her good and gave the doctors time to build her up a bit, stay strong and god bless your mother. xxx

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you all and hope things go well. What a beautiful picture - one glowing bride and one very proud grandmother :)

Regards, Sue

Anonymous said...

Hope all goes well for your Mum and she has a speedy recovery.

thinking of you take run
quilting hugs

Anonymous said...

Hello Illene, sorry to hear your Mum has had a bad fall.Hope she recovers quickly...Hugs Lyn

Fonville Farm said...

I pray that your mom is doing well. I am an RN so I know how the hospitals are here in the states, I can only imagine that they are about the same everywhere else. There is a video that most of the hospitals show in orientation called It's a Dog's World. It shows a man and his dog both having to go the dr/vet on the same day and how well the dog was treated and how poorly the man was treated, its a funny video but sad that it is so true!
Thank you for visiting my blog:) I'm not sure how inspirational I am. I'm just trying to stay busy so I don't fall completely apart! (I do have my moments! at least a few a week)

Anonymous said...

I hope your mom is okay!!??
My mom died April 27th and she was one week away from being 83 years old. I feel for you and what you are going through.
I'm sorry your mom fell alone. That is something I always worried about too!