Friday, February 5, 2010

siggies and Fat Quarters

More siggies came this week
Also I won a bunch of gorgeous fat quarters when Vickie had a giveaway recently
I think these will become a table runner
Not much happening here It is a little cooler so Iam enjoying that
Have been making plum jam and tomorrow will make some blackberry jam
Lorraine had more fluid drained from her lung last Wednesday and had her second bout of chemo yesterday
Was feeling a little better after the drain but was in a bad way prior
Couldnt catch her breath
Tomorrow there is a quilt hanging at Loch
Iam hoping to go

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Laurie said...

I'm loving seeing all these siggies as they come in!! Thank you for sharing these with us. Sending prayers for Lorraine :)

Terry said...

How cool to be getting siggie blocks from all over! :0)

Jill said...

Hi Illene, did you go to the Loch quilting hanging? I've always wanted to go - one day...
I've signed up now for the siggies thanks to you!

Khris said...

Ohh you are getting some lovely siggie blocks...I think I get as excited as you seeing them coming in from all over...hugs Khris

Jules said...

Just saw my siggie in the making! Only a piece of work I did ages ago printed, but I am pleased with the way birdie is working with it bless her cotton socks! She is very busy but it should arrive in time to be included.
Lorraine is always in thought and prayer. J.x

Terray said...

Hello Illene,

Today the postman brought your siggy and I like it very much. Thanks!!
I have the siggy for you last week posted,so soon you can expect it.
Many quilt and siggy fun

Olst, Nederland (-1 freezing)

Bluebell said...

Hi this is my first visit to your blog. I love the siggy blocks what an exciting thing to do, it must be lovely to receive them through the post. So sorry you are havingsucha tought time.
Love Jillxx

solomi558 said...

I just popped over from my friend bluebell ,s blog . I,m nosey I like to see who she is blogging with.
I might be nosey but I am one more person wishing you well with your current problem .Best wishes to your daughter from England-------------cottonreel