Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pot Holder Swap received

Received my lovely colourful potholders yesterday together with this beaut large coffee mug
My partner was Heidi
from www.handmadebyheidi.blogspot.com Heidi Is the host of the Friday night sewin
The person I sent to was also from the USA
Her blog is http://vanos.wordpress.com/

The siggies keep rolling in
Lorraine Iam pleased to say is a LITTLE better than she was Still nauseus at times but is keeping some food down and hasnt had her lung drained in 10 days We are hoping she wont have to have it done again
Hopefully the chemo is doing its job
I have spent a productive day in the garden todayHave scratches all over my arms from the roses
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Laurie said...

What great siggies! I am so looking forward to seeing the quilt that comes from all of these - although I know it will take you some time! I'm glad Lorraine is a little better - hopefully the treatment is working!

I am envious of you working in the garden at this time of the year. Our ground here is completely frozen and everything is brown and sleeping!

Take care Illene :)

Jules said...

Lovely! What a joy to brighten the day.

So pleased you have seen a little of the silver lining of Lorraine's dark cloud - all love and best wishes....

Barb said...

What lovely pot holders....'

Many prayers are your way!!

Shiree said...

cute pot holders!

aubirdwoman said...

great siggy squares.
great swap.

Jandi said...

Lovely pot holders! I hope Lorraine is doing well and that the chemo will do it's job. My mother just finished up chemo a few months ago and I know how hard it is to watch someone you love go through that process.

Anita said...

Hi there Illene, the potholders are beautiful, lucky girl. I too am covered in scratches from roses, we're twins!! Kind regards, Anita.

Terry said...

I'm glad to hear there's a bit of improvement for Lorraine! I only wish I could be working in the garden right now. It's buried under a foot of snow! LOL