Saturday, December 19, 2009

More Advent Gifts and MORE sewing Wow

I made a quick and easy table runner this week
It made me feel better that I have actually made the effort to do something on the sewing front
Am also feeling a bit more excited about Christmas Yesterday I had some retail therapy and actually got some christmas presents
My advent gifts this week have been a little different Great ideas for small gifts I have enjoyed all my gifts so far
Lorraine and Jim just paid us a short visit Poor girl The virus of last week has left her so lethargic and she is falling asleep while you are talking to her She can't sleep at night though
Lynda and her family set off this morning for two weeks camping at the Wilson's Promontory National park< about 40 minutes drive from here
Hopefully the weather will be kind to them ,though the kids will swim no matter what the weather does
Weather permitting we will go there for Christmas and have a very simple meal with all the family
If the weather isn't kind we will enjoy a very simple meal at my house
So long as we are all together it doesn't matter
Here in our part of Victoria it is always hard to pre plan any out door activities
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Loralynn said...

I love your table runner! The colors are beautiful and I really like that bold zig-zag stripe!

aubirdwoman said...

nice table runner. Lovely gifts. oh and the Phantom Editor paid a visit lol.

Jules said...

LOVELY work! I am so envious of sewing talent - shouldn't be of course but it is great. Pleased you are feeling more festive. Good to have your family around.
Enjoy. :-}

teresa said...

Love the table runner!!! Glad you are feeling a bit upbeat... retail therapy is something isn't it? The best part of Christmas is having the family around you. xx

Micki said...

I love your table runner, and I can see that you are enjoying Advent!

Jill said...

Hi Ilene, love the colours in your table runner. Hope you have a relaxing Christmas. Best wishes!