Monday, December 14, 2009

I made Something

I finally did a little bit of sewing

I made an owl for the owl challenge at Daisy Quilts Doesnt look much like an owl but Hubby knew what it is supposed to be so there you go
Terrible photo My little Ollie Owl just did not want to be photographed

Then I made some christmas stockings and some labels to go with them Iam quite pleased with these

And some more Advent gifts
So much fun

Go and visit Jill She is new to blogging and I'm sure would love to have you drop by and say Hello
Apologies to Jules and Jill. The phantom editor did a bit of housekeeping and accidentally threw your comments out.


Anonymous said...

looks like an Owl to me lol

I like the Christmas Stockings

Jules said...

How very dare she! LOL. He's gorgeous - just had a hard day's night bless him and snuggling up.

Anonymous said...

Hi Illene, your Owl is cute.....hope you enjoyed making the Christmas Stockings...Hugs Lyn

Micki said...

You owl is so cute! Great job!