Friday, June 12, 2009

Stipple Quilting

I have been trying to learn to stipple quilt I did one quilt that looked ok on the back but since then I have been getting little loops at the back
I know Iam doing something wrong but dont know what
Can any body give me some advice I would be very grateful
Very cold here this past week Went to see my Mum today and the wind over there was bitterly cold Good weather for staying inside and crafting Am working on Christmas presentsPosted by Picasa


Barn Owl said...

Thats the way
Get it done in plenty of time.
then you do not have to hurry.

Anonymous said...

Well Illene, it looks much better than my attempt - I dare not even post a small picture of mine. xxx

Loralynn said...

Good job! I would think that if you are getting loops in the back, you may have a tension problem. I would check the owner's manual that came with your sewing machine. There should be a troubleshooting section in there. Good luck and have fun!

Daffycat said...

The tension needs to be adjusted...but I'm clueless how to do it. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

Hi Illene, it maybe the tension, but could be how you are guiding the fabric through the I have done some machine quilting....which I have not done for a long time...not an easy task....Regards Lyn

Laurie said...

I agree about the tension - hopefully you have the owner's manual - they almost always have troubleshooting answers. If you don't have it - I bet you could google tension problems with sewing machine. Good luck!

Barbara York said...

Hi Illene - usually with tension if it is lose on the back than it will be your top tension. Be sure to go to my blog I finally posted and brought it up to date and I added a little birdie surprise for you at the very bottom of my stash organization post.

Barb in Amarillo