Monday, June 8, 2009


Another cold day It must be snowing somewhere
Danielle did some sewing and made this cute bag and made some pancakes for lunch
Neither of my girls sew so it's nice to have someone to teach Iam sure she will ,in the future be much better at crafts than I ever could be
Anthony did pay me a nice compliment though He said Dan learnt from the best
Aren't kids gorgeous? They never see the faults
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Anonymous said...

Beautiful bag, and well done Danielle. I wish my girls would show some interest in sewing.

Loralynn said...

She did a lovely job. You both should be very proud!

Anonymous said...

Hello Illene, how I wish my dd would sew.....too much of a tomboy...LOL...Dan did a lovely job.....warm regards Lyn

aubirdwoman said...

well done Dan, lovely bag, and a great teacher.

Ariane said...

Great little bag. She must be so proud of herself. She has a great teacher. Very lucky girl.

Barn Owl said...

Well done with the bag.
never mind FQ. some daughters start late in life as you know.