Wednesday, May 27, 2009

rainy day blues

It's drizzling here today
Iam a little down! Number one daughter has gone to Peter Mac. today to get results from the scan she had last week to see if the chemo has done it's job
The first lot of chemo they tried didn't work so they changed it.
They are then suggesting she go back on the hormone drugs she was taking before but the side effects were terrible, so she doesn't want to start back on them
I think I'll go for a walk now, rain or no rain, then I hopefully will do some sewing this afternoon


Ariane said...

I hope things go well for your daughter. I'll say a prayer for her. Sewing always makes me feel better. Hope it helps.

sMC said...

everything crossed. Hope the walk helped.

Anonymous said...

Hello Illene, I too hope all goes well with your daugher...not an easy time for all and I will have you in my thoughts......Illene do you have an email address???? Now with the stretching of can relate to the weave of the fabric...last year I made a Japanese Quilt for a 21st birthday.....and I used two different weights of avoid the stretching I had to unpick all the borders and iron on vilene to prevent puckering...On Sunday with the Nine Patch....I was out an inch so I had stretched the I sewed a seam the length of the borders one eighth of inch in and that gathered up the slack...I hope this makes sense to y ou.....I was not a happy camper with the quilt......Take Care Warm Regards Lyn

barn owl said...

I also ask if you have an email.
would love to write to you.
Trust all is well with your daughter.
Will remember her in my prayers.

barn owl said...

Something on my blog for you

Anonymous said...

My thoughts are with you and your daughter. I hope that everything is well. xxx

clare's craftroom said...

All the very best wishes for your daughter .