Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The postman always rings twice

When I went to get the mail this morning I was excited to get two parcels One was from Ariane in Canada A beautiful bag and matching pin cushion and purse
Ariane was my swap partner in the Snickerdoodle Bag obsession Swap ....Beautiful
The other parcel was from the lovely Lindi
I was lucky enough to win a prize in her giveaway
I got two nice peices of material,agogeous notebook and pencil and rocky road chocolate Yum Hubby's been into that already
Also included was a little gift for my daughter to help cheer her up What a lovely thought Thankyou Lindi Very sweet of you
I feel very lucky to have received such beautiful gifts
Thankyou Girls

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The Faerie Queen said...

Beautiful, lucky you. xxxx

sMC said...

wow thats one real nice bag.
nice pressie too.

grandmarockton said...

THANKS for stopping by and YES your bag is wonderful also!

Loralynn said...

I love your bag! So pretty! And the extras too! Lucky girl!