Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Tanks

Yesterday we had new tanks delivered They have been on order for some time and were supposed to be here at least 3 weeks ago
Yesterday they arrived in the worst possible weather Rain, cold and Oh so windy
They couldn't be sited yesterday because of the wind so they were tied down and left for better weather
Today being a little better Hubby being the stubborn , I mean independant, individual that he is, decideded not to wait for help He, I and the tractor could do it
Well yes, we managed but Oh Dear Look at the mess

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sMC said...

ouch oh dear.... I hope he didn't blame you.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you are going to have loads of "fun" with those. If you dont mind me asking, what are they for? xxx

Bunny said...

Would love to know what those are for? Looks like a big job.

Anonymous said...

Hello RetDairyQueen, we had a long wait for our tank as well and need to put another two in....we have been on stage 4 restrictions for quite some time.....thank you for visiting my site....Warm Regards Lyn