Friday, May 8, 2009

Bella is all Better

Bella seems to have made a full recovery after her op We took the stitches out last Sunday and she is walking much better
We had to take the stitches out ourselves because our vet has gone on Long Service Leave No Drama It's good to see her like her old self
Had a busy day cleaning out the kitchen cupboards Would have much prefered to be outside or sewing
I'm planning to get some sewing done now Most of my stitching is done at night while Hubby watches TV
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Anonymous said...

I am so pleased that Bella is better, furry friends are the best friends to have. xxx

Lindi said...

She looks fine. So glad she's recovered nicely.

clare's craftroom said...

Hope she continues to improve and she's so cute too !

Loralynn said...

I'm so glad your puppy is doing so well! She has the cutest face! I love all the white around it. She looks like a little darling!

sMC said...

so glad your baby is well.