Wednesday, April 15, 2009

koalas go carts quilts and black eyes

My koala came back for a visit this morning He looks wet and bedraggled but a better photo
My grandchildren have been spending a few days with me while their Mum is at work
We also have my nephew who is the same age as eldest grandson
They have amused themselves trying to make a gocart from an old ride on mower Still looks like a mower They have had a great time and I will clean up all the mud at my back door when they go home Only one injury for the day when second grandson got accidently hit in the eye I think it will go black It's quite swollen
I made a wall hanging to display Hubby's collection of hat pins Most of the pins came from my American penfriend
Now off to find a place on my limited wall space to hang it

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Anonymous said...

I can only imagine the joy, of seeing a koala in my garden. Very nice wall hanging, and a great idea to display hat pins. Have fun with the grandchildren. xxx

Loralynn said...

Your family is so ingenious! Their go-cart is the type of thing my friends and I would have done when we were kids!