Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Bella is still sleeping and causing us concern
I rang the vet before. He wasn't to to worried Says sometimes they take a while to wake up and she will be healing and not feeling to much pain
Thankyou to those that enquired
A beautiful sunny day here I should have been in the garden but instead I did housework The dust was 2inches thick
Then this afternoon I did my volunteering arvo at the school Twice a week I help with cooking My grandchildrens school have this Kitchen garden program where the students grow produce in the school garden and then they cook it and then we sit down to eat what we have made
We make some interesting food and it introduces the kids to different food to what they normally eat

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The Faerie Queen said...

I hope Bella is feeling much better now. Yes sleep is good for healing. Agggg housework, I have loads to do, you can write your name in the dust. so off to do it now. xxx