Sunday, July 21, 2019

Another FNSI Come and Gone

Friday night saw me get a late start with my stitching as I had this little bloke for the day
He keeps me on my toes but is a complete delight
After his Dad picked him up and stayed for Dinner I got into some stitching
Worked on this one

and finished this one
Birthday gifts for a friend who happened to mention she needed coat hangers and got wire ones at the Op Shop
During the week I finished stitching this one Have the lace pinned ready to sew on
Thanks Wendy for keeping me motivated
I have enjoyed seeing Cherylls progress on Girls Day Out and that is making me want to get on with this
Hers looks so pretty

Saturday, July 6, 2019


I have been sadly lacking in motivation , but the past few weeks I seem to have got my MOJO back How exciting is that?
Last night was July FNWF with Cheryll and friends Where on earth has the year gone
Last night I did a little stitching on this Slowly getting there This will be a long term project

Then I sandwiched one of these tops that I whipped up in the last fortnight
Two weeks ago Hubby had to go into hospital for an  ERCP which was supposed to be a day procedure, but he had a slight bleed so much to his discust he had to stay over night 
He went in quite well and came out feeling very ordinary to say the least
Anyway I digress. The Hospital found me a bed for the night in Centenary House which is a Rotary sponsored project for patients and family 
What a great asset this is I had a lovely room with my own ensuite All the rooms have quilts on the 2 single beds
Talking to the manager she said they have a new wing with no quilts 
... So what was I to do but volunteer to make some
Here is where the motivation kicked in I had a purpose

July brings a spate of birthdays in our family so I made some cards

My niece is one of the birthday girls and has just bought a new house so I made her an oven mitt
The beds in my room at Centenary House