Saturday, June 22, 2019


Iam so lacking in motivation at the moment so it is good when I join the girls for some stitching
Thanks Wendy for this weeks motivation
I didn't get a lot done, but at least I picked it up
Working on my Girls Day Out

I am looking after Sam every second Friday
We have such fun and I love having him
Took him to the park and after sliding down the slide with him he wanted more, trying to climb to the top
He only liked the slide though and we did it until I had had enough  He's so young and I'm so old LOL

Sunday, June 9, 2019


June all ready
When I sewed along with my cyber friends on Friday evening I stitched this small block
Iam starting "Girls Day Out"

A photo of the finished quilt

My friend Mary is doing a Quilt as you go These are her blocks laid out on the bed

Iam looking after Sam every second Friday now and loving it.
I took he and Mum shopping this week
Love this photo 
I still have not been able to get my notifacations working so please know that I do read and appreciate your comments

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Been A While

I have been a slack Blogger
Have been keeping busy though
I finished Sam's dinosaur quilt though I just realised this is not the finished photo It has a black border Looks pretty good even if I say so myself

Early May we celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary.

I was made a Life Member at T.O.W.N Club
Have battled my weight all my life and going to this local weight loss group has kept me on track I have had the weight off for nearly 12 years now Good to have the support of others
The lady with me in this photo started this group 48 years ago and has barely missed a meeting in that time She will be 90 in October and making plans for our 50th birthday

Had a load of woodchips delivered for the garden 
Pleased to say they are all spread now., by me and my wheel barrow

I admired my room mate at LGSs bag and I was very surprised and thrilled when she sent me one that she made for me
So kind of her and I have used it heaps Very handy bag
If you are still here thankyou for reading to the end
Hope I haven't bored you to much