Sunday, February 11, 2018

I need Help PLEASE

My grandchildren and my daughter decided I needed to get with the times so they gave me an iPhone 6 for Christmas
Iam loving it BUT there are some things I cannot figure out
I wanted to put my Blog on there so I typed in the Blog name but that is all I get Just my posts Cannot see anything else No other posts and cant do anything on it Just look
Is there some body who can tell me how Please
Trouble is This Smart phone is smarter than me
On January 29th I became a great Grandmother to this gorgeous little Bloke
Samuel Brendan Tiziani
He is a good baby and his Mum says he sleeps all the time
I have not as yet seen him properly awake

I had a couple of little finishes

Terrible photo 
I didn't realise and have given the bag away
Another of Michelles fabulous designs