Friday, June 22, 2012

Meet Thunder

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Meet Thunder, the latest addition to our family
Thunder is an eight year old German Cooli cross with two different colored eyes
A very placid loving family pet  My Grandchildrens dog
Placid until it comes to their other female dog who is much bigger than Thunder
Unfortunately Thunder has " little dog syndrome" where Allie is concerned and continually provokes Allie
This time unfortunately Allie had had enough and Thunder came out second best
Lynda faced the choice of having one or the other put down
The kids were so upset
So good old Nan and Pop said they would take Thunder and see if it works out
The kids are so happy that neither of their much loved pets will be put down
Nan is not to sure about the whole thing
Thunder apparently continually loses hair
She would be an outside dog but she is very unwell and by the time she gets better and used to living here she will be an inside dog.It is to wet and cold to put her outside now
We are flooded in AGAIN
Some more blocks done in My Memory quilt
I think it may end up being two quilts
Now let's see if this will publish
Fingers crossed


Anonymous said...

what a lovely thing for you to do Illene.Yes we are very wet here.xx

Anonymous said...
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Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

That is so sweet of you. So wet here too but not flooded in. Kids rode to school this morning so it looks like they will be queing for the shower when they get home :(

Noela said...

Well looks like you have had some success. Small steps Illene. he quilt is coming along nicely. Hugs..

O'faigh said...

Hello Illene.....good on Nan and Pop....Illene a good solution....we had problems with our Monty....for a little tacker he had big dog syndrome....I was never keen on pets being inside....but our Jess snuck him in on her bed when we went on holidays....we still miss him very much....enjoyed seeing your quilts...hugs O'faigh.

Fiona said...

what we do to keep our grandies happy.... thunder will soon be part of your home.... the quilt blocks look great... I love the way you hae incorporated photo's - how are you finding sewing the T shirt fabric?

Pauline Woodcock said...

Never too late for a new addition! I girl dog named Thunder - love it! Good on her for giving her another home, the grandkids must love you to bits for doing that.

Teresa said...

I'm so glad Thunder was taken in by you. She looks very comfy there on the lounge! Your quilt is looking amazing Illene... just lovely. I hope you dry out soon and the rain stops for you xx

Terry said...

That was sweet of you to take him in! I hope it all works out well! :0)

Maria said...

You are such a lovely Nana. So nice the gradkids still have both pets.
Your special quilt is lookinh fabulous Illene.

Loralynn said...

What a good Nana you are! It's amazing how short haired dogs don't become bald with all the hair they lose! :-)

Margaret said...

Thunder looks quite at home.

Lady Di of Glencoe said...

Good for you Illene. And great for Thunder. Dogs always know where they can be themselves at, Thunder looks as though he knows his spot already :)) And when the grandkids come, they'll have great times still :) D

Connie said...

How sweet of you to take Thunder in! I hope you'll be okay with the flooding, that is never a good thing.

Bobbie Lynn said...

What a sweet looking dog and what a lucky dog to have you. Thank you for sharing more of your memory quilt.
Blessings and hope there will be more sun than rain soon.