Friday, April 13, 2012

I think it worked

 Thanks Cubby House Crafts
I think I have it worked out
Bloggers are the Best
My Garden
 I have made another " Lorraine's Flowers" table runner Thats 15 to date
Love this pattern
 Also have been recycling Christmas cards
I'm pleased with the way they turned out
That's it for noe
Just wanted to see if it worked
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Fiona said...

glad you sorted it all out... bloggers are great in coming to the rescue.... love the table runner and the cards and lovely to see you still have some roses blooming...

shez said...

love your runner and cards,well done.xx

Terry said...

Your flowers are beautiful! And what a great idea to recycle Christmas cards! I should do that too!

Teresa said...

Hi Illene... Glad you sorted it out. The garden looks amazing, as does your beautiful table runner. Great idea with the Christmas cards.. we should all do this!!! xx

Pauline said...

I'm having all sorts of blog problems today, glad you got yours sorted. Your garden looks lovely, and thanks for the reminder that it is never too early to start preparing for Christmas.

Cubby House Crafts said...

YAY! So pleased it worked for you! Lovely garden pics!

Wendy B said...

woohoo!!! so glad it worked! I hate it when they keep changing things....why oh why do they have to 'improve' so quickly!!!! LOL
Thank goodness for bloggy friends! I admire my runner every time I go into my sewing room....I can understand why they're so addictive!!! And Illene....your roses are gor-geeee-us! (I have a soft spot for roses...can you tell!?)haha
sugary sweety hugs my friend
xoxo Wendy :O)

Just Ramblin' said...

Love your table runner and especially the stitchery in the center.
Great idea for Christmas cards.
Your roses are beautiful.

O'faigh said...

Hi Illene, love your new look.....gorgeous table runner...Hugs, O'faigh