Friday, October 28, 2011


While cleaning the cobwebs in the carport, right at my backdoor look who I found curled up in the rafters

A very unwelcome visitor so close to the house

Now I am concerned as to where are his brothers and sisters and his Mum and Dad are hiding

A couple more "Lorraine's Flowers"

And been busy in the garden

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Barb said...

Me no likie the unwelcomed visitor.....loved your flowers!

Cubby House Crafts said...

He wold be very unwelcome at our house too!
Your garden looks beautiful!

Terry said...

I wouldn't want to find him or his relatives in my rafters! Love your table runners and your flowers! We're to have a frost tonight so my flowers are about done for the season.

Fiona said...

I don't like snakes at all :) Love your 2 latest tablerunners. XX

Cyndi said...

Oh my goodness, I would NOT be happy to see that visitor at my door! Do you know what type of snake it is? Wouldn't matter to me...I don't like any of them, even though I know there are some that are really good for our gardens. I won't bother them, but they had better stay away from me! :o|

Lorraine's Flowers are lovely, as is your garden. We are heading into winter soon so most of our flowers are saying farewell until next year! :o(



Pauline said...

Oh yikes! I don't like the look of it. Please get someone who knows to identify it! My old snake paranoia is kicking in!

I'd much rather see your lovely table runners and flowers!

O'faigh said...

Hello Illene, certainly, a most unwelcome visitor.....beautiful garden your new tablerunners..Hugs O'faigh

teresa said...

Just looking at your photo of the snake is making me feel very uneasy.. Lorraine's Flowers are just beautiful.. as is your garden. I am very envious!!! xx

Grethe said...

Lovely to see the flowers in your garden,matching the nice Lorraine`s flower-runners:-) Here we are really into heavy Autumn weathe;rainy days ahead.

Jeni said...

oh no what kind of snake????

Wendy B said...

Oooh Ilene, I am having a few 'unwelcome' visitors too least they're not IN the house though!!!!
Love those tablerunners and the flowers in your garden are just beautiful....are they roses or peonies??? (I think it's time for new glasses!!!LOL)
take care and sugary hugs
Wendy :O)