Thursday, May 19, 2011

Its Cold

The nights have been very cold lately, but as you can see I have been putting my comfort quilts to good use
Thanks again dear Lyn and the girls
I had to buy a new computer
Oh it is so frustrating
Just learnt to find my way around the old one ,now having trouble finding things in this one
Need to remember how to put icons on the screen so I can find my way in with only one click
I like things easy where I dont have to think to much
Off to play some more now
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Terry said...

Sorry it's cold there, but I'm glad to see you all snuggled up in your quilts! It's been cold here this week too and it's supposed to be spring here! LOL

Loralynn said...

You look very cozy in your quilts!

Simone de Klerk said...

I'm glad those lovely quilts can make you warm! It is lovely to see them again (:
Stay warm there!

Dianne said...

You look nice and snuggly in your quilt, Ilene. It has even been cold up here in "sunny" Queensland, but probably nowhere near as cold as there. Stay warm, Di.

teresa said...

Great photo Illene.. You look so cute and cozy. It's been cold here too, probably not as cold as where you are, but I'm loving it. The quilts are getting a good work out!

Pauline said...

What a lovely way to snuggle! The quilt looks lovely. I always find a new computer a challenge and invariably have a rant about why THEY always have to fiddle with things!

Vickie said...

I bet you feel real snuggly under that quilt-with all the different hugs that are sewn in..just stayed wrapped up al day ok...oh dear yes new computer can be a headache,cherers Vickie

Maria said...

You do look nice and warm under your quilts.
I understand how you feel about your new computer. I have had this laptop for ages and it still frustrates me. GRRRRRRRRR!!!

LuAnn said...

The quilts in your photo are just beautiful. You look warm and comfy right there.

Lyn said...

Hello Illene, glad to see you wrapped up snug in your quilt....just as cold further west of you.....hugs lyn