Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

My first Mothers day without my Darling girl was very hard and my other daughter had to work

I went to see my Mum and my sister and her family came too, so that was nice

Lynda gave me this Elvis teddy a day early as she was working He is very cute Plays an Elvis tune

You guessed it Iam an Elvis fan

I hope all you Mums ot there had a wonderful Mothers Day

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Maria said...

It was nice you could spend time with Mum, your sister and her family.

How cute is your Elvis teddy.


Vickie said...

Hi Illene,
your darling girl was beaming down on you allday. So glad you havd other family members to cherish
the day with,cheers vickie

Barb said...

I know that must be hard....but so glad you had family around.

Cyndi said...

Hi Illene, been thinking of you lots. I am sure Mothers' Day was difficult for you this year, but I think Lorraine will always be with you because you carry her in your heart. And I am so happy that you could spend the day with your mom and sister.



Terry said...

Cute bear! I never would have imagined you were an Elvis fan! LOL Happy Mother's day to you! :0)

Bird on the Border said...

So good you could spend Mothers day with your mum and sister I am sure they gave you lots of love. A little bit of Elvis is always good but where are his blue Suede shoes to go with his cool blue outfit?

teresa said...

So glad you spent the day with your mum and sister Illene. I was thinking of you yesterday and today when I saw my Mum. Hope it was a lovely day with them. Your Elvis bear is so cute... xx

Jules said...

What a lovely thoughtful gift from your other precious daughter Illene. And great that she saw you the day before, pre-thought and planning means a lot doesn't it?
We have our Mothering Sunday in March usually, here in UK
I like Elvis too.....

Dianne said...

Love your Elvis bear. I am a fan too. Nice that you could see your Mum and have family around you on what must have been a difficult day for you.

Lindi said...

Lorraine would have been with you in spirit. Mother's Day's are such bittersweet days, aren't they?

Sew Useful Designs said...

Hi Illene, I was thinking about you on Sunday, I'm sure it would have been an emotional day.

Los of love to you sweetheart xxxxxxxxxx

Vikki xoxoxoxoox