Friday, March 18, 2011

A Little Applique

I havent been Blogging much of late
Iam struggling to get on with my life It is very hard
When I first started Blogging I kinda used the writing to help me with my feelings , then Lyn and all the wonderful Bloggers made me the beautiful support quilts
A friend asked me at the time what I wrote on my blog to make people feel so sorry for me that they made the quilts for me
I didnt want people to feel sorry for me so I havent been writing so much about my loss
The other day while reading a friends Blog she wrote how much writing it down helped her, so I have decided I will do a bit more of that It doesnt matter if no one reads it If it helps me then I will do it
I have been doing a bit of applique
I enjoy it
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Fiona said...

Honey you write all you want - It is healthy and it does help. Sending big hugs your way.

Hugs - Fee XX

PS. Love your applique X

Cyndi said...

Oh Illene, you just write til your heart's content. We all love you, and know that you don't write your feelings here for us to feel sorry for you. We all do things for others - like making support quilts - because we genuinely care...and it does matter to us how you are feeling. Just know that you are "safe" here with us in blogland...and I for one will be here if you just need to chat!

Much love,


Lyn said...

Hello Illene, my thoughts are along the line of Cyndi's... the quilts.......were about compassion, caring and support.... for you...when you were going through tough times....sometimes I find it hard to write or express how I am feeling....take care...hugs lyn

Janet said...

I don't think you can call that a friend to say such a thing to you. We are all here to love and support you. What a terrible loss you have had and you need and we want you to share it. Talking always helps and writing here is a way of talking. I love the quilt you are appliqueing. It is so cute. Take care and know that someone is always here in blogland.

Pauline said...

The one thing I keep reminding myself about my blog that it is mine and I can express myself when and in any way I choose. We all find different ways of relieving our pain and stress. If writing about it helps you, be assured there are friends out here who are ready and willing to care and listen.

Suedio said...

Oh Illene, please don't keep yourself tucked away because of one person's misguided comments. Those of us who visit your blog do so because we're interested in you - and that's all of you, not just the sugar-coated you. If you have days you need to write or vent or remember, then that's what you should do. It's your life, your blog. And from near and far you are supported, whether that's with a quilt or a prayer or a hug from someone close by.

You're in my thoughts, Sue

PS I like your applique - it looks like a bit of fun.

Das Quiltmonster said...

Fine that you are back again!!! I'm often looking at your siggy on my wall and thinking of you how it's going on after the big loss!! Don't mind dummy comments, there are a lot of "curious" people out there!!!
We are all pleased to hear from you again!!
Much love from Regina

Terry said...

I think your friend was a bit confused...we didn't feel sorry for you...we felt bad that you were dealing with such a difficult thing and we just wanted to make you feel a bit better knowing we were all out there supporting you. Trust me...when John lost his leg, it helped me a lot to be able to post on my blog. It helped me process not only all that was happening but also the feelings that we were all dealing with too. So post away! I'm looking forward to it! :0)

Maria said...

Illene it is because we care about you and how you feel.Well that is why I wanted to send along some squares.
This is your blog and I love to visit you so please keep posting.
Hugs Maria

Loralynn said...

Your words definately didn't make me feel sorry for you. They did make me empathize with you. I felt your emotions when you wrote them, that's not a negative or bad thing. We need support systems. That is how I see this type of blogging. You reached out to others to help you through a difficult time, you needed that. No offence to you or your friend, but I'd like to slap her for what she said. As far as the quilt goes, it was a way for people, whom you would normally never get to meet in person, to be able to reach out and give you an encouraging hug. That's what friends do.

Jill said...

Nice to see you back Illene,you have certainly been in my thoughts. I am hoping to get my PIF to you soon to cheer you up! You have been through so much and I feel for you. I can't imagine how difficult some days must be for you. Just remember your online friends are here for you. Jill xx

rozhearts said...

Ditto to all the above. I applaude you that you can write down your feelings and if that is what makes you feel good you go for it girl and don't mind what some people say. Maybe they are just jealous.
LOTS OF ((((HUGS))) Roz.

Vickie said...

I am very happy to see you back..I love your applique it looks great...pfft no one has the right to say that to you..they obviously don't have the same compassion as we all do. I often used to delete posts I had typed because I would think they were nonsense/silly..but then I would hear the voice of my counsellor of many many moons ago -say to me, "always have a pen and paper handy-and just write down your random thoughts".and this is my practise now when I write on my blog....and as the others have already said Illene it's your blog- I as many others do ,choose to read and leave comments on your blog because we care,cheers Vickie

Dianne said...

Keep on bloggin Ilene. I find applique very therapeutic and I am sure you do too. Whatever brings you comfort in these times is good. Regards Di.

Simone de Klerk said...

I definitely did not feel sorry for you, when making the block for the quilts Lyn put together for you. I wanted you to feel the support from people all over the world and wanted to be part of that.
Don't let others stop you from what you think feels best for you. So write what you want to write and stay with yourself!!!
Lyn did the most amazing thing, to get so many people together to make blocks with lots of love, just for you!!! Enjoy them and feel the warmth and comfort that they give.
I hope your 'friend' reads the above comments, so that she understands you better and might look at life in a different way.

Jules said...

Actions speak more loudly than words and I so agree with most of the above comments. The world can be united in many ways and love and care for others reaches out.

Agree - write, write, write and talk, talk, talk about your love, your feelings and your memories - and also the HOPE for your future. Lorraine is with you, in another way and totally safe, bringing a smile as you recall her. xxxx

Sandra Henderson said...

Yes, it is wonderful to write your feelings and im only sorry i cant get round to visit you more often. I sure do misss coming to see you as often. Your blog is lovely and please keep it up! Just keep being yourseld. Wonderful, as always...
I love this little quilt! So cute!

Ariane said...

I love the applique you are doing. It's beautiful!!! Don't worry about writing things down. Hugs Ariane