Monday, February 21, 2011

Mum is 83 today

Today is my Mums 83rd birthday
I made her a couple of placemats As Mum says What do I need at 83
Just realised the photo is a little blurry
Mum and her sister are coming to spend the day with me as is my sister
Tonight we will all go out for tea
Lynda and her family will join us And Lorraines husband
During her illness Lorraine never missed one family bithday tea
We will all be missing her tonight
It has hit Mum pretty hard She was always a very active healthy lady
Now she seems like a little old lady
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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I finished the Charity Quilt that my friend found at the Op Shop Quite pleased with it
Bev over at Kainga Happenings is calling for posts on Op shop or Garage sale finds, so thought I would share a funny story with you
My friend Kathy is full of bright ideas and she decided we should have a stall at a local market to try and sell some of our crafts
I relunctantly went along Pictured below is one of the first things I made when I started quilting
I didnt know about reverse applique so Santa looks a bit funny
As it was my first applique I have always put him out at Christmas
I decided I would take the runner to the market along with a few other bits and peices
Sadly we never sold a thing when along comes an 80 year old I know ,Who asked how things were going
She must have felt sorry for me because next thing she hands over $10.00 and took my Santa
Some months later I was in the local Op Shop and there hanging with all the Christmas stuff was my runner
I bought him back for $1.50

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Recently I made a bid on Raggedy Ann over at Bluebird quilts blog, in aid of the Queensland floods
I was lucky enough to be the winning bidder
Also included was a mystery gift
Lyn sent me some lovely goodies as well as Ann in the hope I will get motivated
Included was some gorgeous fat quarters, two patterns I hope to get on to making the needle case real soon
Also there were some cute buttons as well as a note pad and pen and a brooch
Thankyou Lyn
you are very generous
Today is going to be very hot
I may just stay inside with the air conditioner on and hopefully get some sewing done
I finished the charity quilt and will post a photo sometime soon
Was up very early this morning to take my Grandson to Trade school He doesnt have a drivers license as yet and his Mum is working
After eight weeks I will be used to being an early riser
He started an aprenticship as a boiler maker just prior to christmas
He loves it
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