Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pot Holder Swap

No Swaps this year
Well I have already broken that resolution
I signed up for the Pot Holder swap
Information is on my side bar, but you only have until the 16th to sign up
Iam off to volunteer in the local Op Shop today
Each January we have a big sale I used to work in the shop one day a week >Now I only help with the sale
Jim is taking Lorraine to Melbourne today for MRI,s and a visit with the oncoligist
Much cooler today Thank Goodness


Janey said...

Illene, now that you have broken one resolution- the next one is easier to brake, hope you didnt make too many more, lol. Hugs across the miles. xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Illene,

Well, it seems you participated in quite a few swaps last year, so maybe you were just in the swing of things - you didn't mean to break the resolution - it was a force beyond your control!! :)

Now you're over that hurdle, I hope you enjoy the pot holder swap. I can't wait to see what you do.



Micki said...

Just have fun with the swap!

Amy said...

I just saw this post. I am sorry that I caused you to break your New Years resolution! Can I tempt you with round 2 as well? It's such an easy going swap :)