Tuesday, December 8, 2009

wet today

It was a wet day here so I thought maybe I would get into some sewing
Not to be
A visit this morning from a nephew we havn't seen in a while , then a phone call from Jim to say Lorraine was in hospital
Has some sort of a bug Can't stop vomiting She is on the drip and looking and feeling totally miserable
I spent the rest of the day sitting at the hospital with her, as Jim had to go back to work
Quilting breakup tonight
We had a lovely meal and exchanged gifts
I got a handmade wreath full of lollies
I made a pattern folder which I have posted a photo of some time ago
No photos tonight I just can't be bothered


Anonymous said...

Hi Illene, sorry to hear Lorraine is in hossie....you are a great Mum....take care hugs lyn ps Jess and my little sister have both been home from work with a virus...little sister went back to work yesterday and is home again...

Loralynn said...

I hope Lorraine will get over this bug quickly. You are such a good Mom. Take care.

Vickie said...

oh Illene sorry to hear Lorraine is in hospital- hope they sort it out for her vomiting is no fun for anyone,wishing you a good nights sleep to recoup your strength,hugs vickie

teresa said...

Hoping Lorraine gets better quickly. Take it easy and don't be hard on yourself. You are doing such a wonderful job xx Best wishes and hugs are being sent your way

Jules said...

Oh bless her. That is horrid and she could do without it. So could you for that matter! No doubt Lorraine is vunerable to bugs at the moment. Deep breath and carry on - listen to your own body too and get as much rest as possible, maybe listening to favourite music?
It was nice to get out and be with friends - the gifts sound unusual, haven't heard of lollies being used before like that.

Many thoughts coming your way, with ((((((hugs))))))