Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Advent Gifts

I have been really slack in posting photos of my lovely Advent gifts, received from Stacie
In fact I have been slack at a lot of things lately Some of the girls have lost their Mojo To be honest I,m not sure what a mojo is but I have definately lost it
So slack in the Christmas shopping department , that the way Iam going the Grandchildren will be getting money
I don't really like giving money and usually I love Christmas shoppingPosted by Picasa
I need to get myself into gear
I have got lovely gifts from Stacie
Day 1 was an American quilting magazine
Day 2 foot cream and socks
Day 3 yummy pastries
Day 4 Note pad and fridge shopping list
Day 5 Skin care products and christmas plant picks
and today a lovely fat quarter that I just love with some embroidery cotton
Iam very lucky


aubirdwoman said...

Don't worry about the 'mojo' whatever it may be. Just go with the flow - it will soon kick back in.
Love the pressies.

Jules said...

Agree with Birdy's comment. We can only do as much as we feel able or inspired to. Life happens! Getting a gift for the children might help you to feel better though, even if it comes with a 'top up' of money.
Stacie's gifts are lovely. Enjoy. Still very much in prayer and thoughts.

Loralynn said...

I'm sure the Grandchildren won't mind the money since I am sure it will come with a big hug and kiss from Grandma! Don't stress youself out! Your gifts so far look lovely! I especially love the fat quarter, very pretty.

teresa said...

Love your advent gifts. Don't worry about your mojo... and kids always love getting money... so don't stress. Maybe this is the year where you get to relax a bit and let Christmas come to you.. xx

Anonymous said...

Hello Illene, you have had alot on your plate...your mojo will return...I think we all have a slump from time to time....I did a couple of weeks ago....and now back at it again....some great blogging friends gave all sorts of suggestions...why not grab your favourite mags...I found gardening good therapy...take care my friend hugs lyn