Monday, December 28, 2009

CD Holder and last of Advent gifts

Well Christmas has come and gone for another year
I hope you all had a Happy and enjoyable time
Ours was ok
Fourteen for lunch, but they all brought their own so no stress there
Lorraine was unwell so poor girl spent much of the day resting
I made Hubby a car CD holder for his car
Remember he is a farmer so I thought the fabric very suitable He was pleased with it ,but is worried the CD's will fall out
He's gone in the car now so will know when he returns, if it works

Here are my last Advent gifts Scrapbooking papers, material and cocoa Who could wish for more
And lastly my lovely Christmas day gift
A canvas to hang on the wall depicting "Family"
Thank you Stacie for all my lovely gifts
This has been a fun swap
Now I,m off to get some weeding done The weeds are taller than me

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teresa said...

Your CD holder looks wonderful and I especially love the fabrics you chose. My son has an old black plastic one and he reckons you have to have them a certain way, as his CD's all went out the window once when he turned a corner!! ha ha.. think he must have been going too fast.... hmmmmm My nieces loved the ones I made them for Christmas.. I was so relieved. xx

Loralynn said...

Your CD holder looks great! I made one a couple years ago and it works wonderfully! I'm sure your Husband will love it!

Jules said...

What a great idea! It looks very simple yet effective - and appropriate too of course!lol
Being Christmas time can also result in folk feeling worse because they so want to not spoil the day and of course enjoy it themselves.. Vicious circle - hope Lorraine soon feels better. Given a regular routine she hopefully will go with the ebb and flow of the recovery road at her own pace. It has been a hectic year for her. Now you can all concentrate on an even day-to-day gentle tickover. Many thoughts and ((hugs)). x

Micki said...

i love your cd holder. Happy New Year to you!

Mary L. said...

Love the gifts. I've thought about a CD holder. Let us know how it works.