Thursday, July 30, 2009

I can't believe I have a 16 year old grandson

I have been taking things a bit easy this past few days Hurt my back and havent been able to sit for to long
Today my eldest grandson turned 16 I just can't believe I have a grandchild that age He was very excited as he got his Learners permit to drive this morning I snapped him as he came to show his Pop and I that he passed He loved his saw AWESOME he said
Lorraine and Jim arrived home safely last weekend after touring around the country for the past two months It was lovely to see her looking so well and happy Thats her in the back of the car
She has come back with hair and it looks beautiful She only had a bit of fluff when she left
She had scans last Monday and will get the results next week Hopefully her bubble won't be burst It's lovely to see her back to her bubbly self The holiday has done wonders for her
Still raining and cold here Hopefully I can sit long enough tomorrow to get some sewing done

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aubirdwoman said...

what a mixed bag of news. So happy for the good news but sympathise with you over the back. Must take it easy I guess we dont bounce like we used to do we.

Anonymous said...

Rest your back, and take things easy. I often look at my grandchildren and feel like life has passed by too quickly. give my love to Lorraine. xxx

Micki said...

Time does fly by quickly! Please take care of your back!

Loralynn said...

It's amazing how fast they grow up, isn't it! Glad to hear you Daughter is feeling well. Hope you heal up fast! Not being able to sit up for long stinks!!

Sarah - Kala said...

Rest up your back and mend whole and new. Happy birthday to your grandson - it's exciting he's got his permit! I'm glad he liked his saw as well. Praying for your daughter.