Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Sometimes I can't believe the silly things I do!!!!
I took lots of lovely photos of our weekend away' had them printed thus morning then deleted them off my camera so all I can show you are a few of the pages I completed
We had a lovely weekend Always nice not to have to cook and clean and have all the time in the day for doing something I love
The only down side which was really quite funny was that this year we had to share a room with two other ladies
The accomadation is bunk style' six bunks to a room Lynda had befriended a young woman at last years event so she and her 22 year old cousin were put in with us Don't know what they thought about sharing with this old Granny but were very nice girls and really we only slept in the room
And there was the problem The 22 year old snored ALL night and I mean all night
The rest of us got little sleep so it was good to get home to my own bed
Aine and Jim left yesterday with the caravan for a two month trip around Australia Let's hope her health holds up
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Anonymous said...

Lovely pages, and I have done the same took loads of photos and then deleted them before I have uploaded them to the computer. I think its a woman thing! Glad you enjoyed the weekend, apart from the snoring. xxx

Loralynn said...

Your pages look wonderful! Too bad about the snoring! I was supposed to go with some girlfriends in August for a "girls weekend," but have decided not to go as I would be the one keeping everyone awake! :0 I snore like a construction worker! It's embarrassing! She should have known better! Glad you had fun!

Stina said...

Hi there..thanks for making a comment on my blog...:o))

You were no-reply so I couldnt answer you direct..hope you dont mind me making it here...
Thanks for liking what I made in the Friendship Swap... I really had so much fun creating!!! :o))
Welcome back any time...

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