Sunday, June 28, 2009

walking tracks

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Well I,m back all refreshed and relaxed from a lovely week in Merimbula
Just sharing a couple of photo's with you and will post more another time
Hubby did a spot of fishing Didn't catch any thing though Funny thing He and another bloke were fishing a few metres apart and neither were catching anything when this young chap threw in a line between the two and imediately caught a beautiful big salmon followed quickly by three more
He gave us one which I cooked for tea
Hubby was using expensive bait and the chap catching the fish was usuing a $6.00 hook thing with no bait
I did lots of walking Pictured is one trail I explored which followed the coast Hubby pictured on the beach below
There were in fact two lovely patchwork shops and a little shop that sold sewing machines and cheap nice patchwork fabric I picked up a few plains for my stash
Thre was also a great bead shop so got a few beads and charms there
Now back to reality

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Friday, June 19, 2009


I have only been blogging for a short while and I can't believe how many wonderful people I have come across in that time
Yesterday I received a package from one of these new found friends
Iam quite overwhelmed with the kindness of these people
I got this lovely sewing wrap , beautifully made
Also included was a memo pad some material a little box for my charms or whatever and a pin cushion
I love them all Thankyou Lyn
On Sunday we are going away for a week for a much needed holiday Just going up the coast into NSW and spending a week in Merimbula
Iam told there is a good patchwork shop there Hope so

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Christmas Decoration

I have had a busy week but don't seem to have achieved anything reallyPosted by PicasaTwo mornings at the school seems to take a lot out of my week
Had a lovely day yesterday Two girlfriends took me to see another friend at Berwick and we went to her craft group Make and Mingle
She showed us how to make these Christmas tree decorations
The photo is of hers Not mine I have made three of the little squares so far
I love living on the outskirts of a little country town but I would so like to have a craft/patchwork shop close by I can only get supplies when we have a day away and unfortunately that doesn't happen very often. I had hoped to look at some patchwork shops yesterday but we ran out of time

Friday, June 12, 2009

Stipple Quilting

I have been trying to learn to stipple quilt I did one quilt that looked ok on the back but since then I have been getting little loops at the back
I know Iam doing something wrong but dont know what
Can any body give me some advice I would be very grateful
Very cold here this past week Went to see my Mum today and the wind over there was bitterly cold Good weather for staying inside and crafting Am working on Christmas presentsPosted by Picasa

Monday, June 8, 2009


Another cold day It must be snowing somewhere
Danielle did some sewing and made this cute bag and made some pancakes for lunch
Neither of my girls sew so it's nice to have someone to teach Iam sure she will ,in the future be much better at crafts than I ever could be
Anthony did pay me a nice compliment though He said Dan learnt from the best
Aren't kids gorgeous? They never see the faults
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Sunday, June 7, 2009


I made this quilt last year for my sisters birthday Posted by PicasaHer birthday is next Friday No handmade gifts this year

It has been really cold here today The grandchildren have been watching movies and I was sewing the binding on some Christmas presents when some old friends dropped in for a visit which was lovely

My chooks are laying well at the moment so I think we will have quiche and salad for tea but Anthony says he's allergic to quiche ( I think he means he doesn't like it)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Sometimes I can't believe the silly things I do!!!!
I took lots of lovely photos of our weekend away' had them printed thus morning then deleted them off my camera so all I can show you are a few of the pages I completed
We had a lovely weekend Always nice not to have to cook and clean and have all the time in the day for doing something I love
The only down side which was really quite funny was that this year we had to share a room with two other ladies
The accomadation is bunk style' six bunks to a room Lynda had befriended a young woman at last years event so she and her 22 year old cousin were put in with us Don't know what they thought about sharing with this old Granny but were very nice girls and really we only slept in the room
And there was the problem The 22 year old snored ALL night and I mean all night
The rest of us got little sleep so it was good to get home to my own bed
Aine and Jim left yesterday with the caravan for a two month trip around Australia Let's hope her health holds up
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